Naeema Fox grew up in the Empire State and moved to sunny California in the early 80’s. Naeema has her Bachelors of Art Degree in Real Estate and Business Ethics and earned her Independent Filmmakers credential while raising three children. She was always inspired by Theatre and the Arts while growing up in New York and attended many plays and showcases on Broadway and off Broadway. That’s still part of her persona.

Naeema was influenced by her Health and Disability Insurance co-workers and friends as they all migrated to Real Estate in 1996. She had decided to obtain her real estate license in January of 2004 just to supplement her income and mostly to help her colleagues around the office.

Naeema has been consistent in dealing with her clients. She learned how to deal with difficult real estate transactions like short sales, modifications and multiple sales. Not all of them are located on the MLS because she also worked as a personal assistant to small business real estate portfolio owners

In any market you need a Strong person to Represent You.  Naeema Fox is a Graduate of Realty Institute and the current Chair for the YPN (Young Professional Network) in Inglewood,CA. While not making promises, she will assist your in developing sustainable home-sites with landscaped gardens and veggie patches, green building practices and accessible price models.


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